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July 20, 2021
12 min read

We are super excited to announce! Our tool helps businesses and agencies respond to all customer reviews on Google My Business.

Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers’ feedback and helps build loyalty. Google also confirmed it helps improve your local SEO, so it will help generate more business.

We trained Artificial Intelligence to write review replies

Replier is built on top of GPT-3, the world’s most advanced AI language model, and we customized it and trained it to handle each customer review with the right tone, language, and focus based on your previous responses. Replier is:

  • Custom and fast: it will help you save hours managing your review responses.
  • Unique for your brand: help businesses improve your online presence
  • Customer-centered: appreciate feedback and build loyalty.

Connect directly to your Google My Business

Replier will connect directly to your Google My Business account and sync your reviews automatically. Then it will start generating multiple response recommendations for each un-answered review, edit if wished, and send. It is that simple!

See a demo of our product her

Create a free trial account, no credit card info is required. We are looking for feedback and early adopters of our product!

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